So, what about those four key tools:

Insightful Research: Research design, data collection and analysis, and recommendation of practical responses are the aim here. Recent work has been in process improvement, organizational design, and competitive assessment.

Strategic Planning:  We help clients think broadly and yet deeply about the value of their products, services, competencies, and resources. We assess the viability of their current market position in terms of their goals. We recommend changes where necessary.  Then we help them identify appropriate market maneuvers and means so that their activities put them on a path to achieving their strategic ambition.

Targeted Coaching: Design, development and delivery of effective educational programs is the mission here. Our most popular programs tend to be in the areas of career development, leadership, and marketing management.  Delivery of these programs often involves a combination of approaches designed to address different learning styles. We build skills and reinforce knowledge using a blend of classroom teaching, one-to-one skill building, and online content.

Motivating Keynotes: Our keynotes have included conventions with thousands of attendees in national and international venues. They’ve also included less formal engagements with fewer attendees held in hotel ballrooms.  The purposes of those speeches tend to be one of three things:  to educate, motivate, or entertain.  The one thing common to every keynote we give is the delivery:  Every one is dynamic, engaging, and compelling.