The mission of Anthology Consulting is to inspire clients to learn while making meaningful progress toward their goals.

We help clients solve problems using 4 key tools:

Insightful Research

Strategic Planning

Targeted Coaching

Motivating Keynotes

Our approach is unique.  Collaborative, Credentialed, Customized.  Every assignment we take on – whether it’s a keynote speech, training, consulting, research, or marketing — begins with a listening session:  to confirm client needs & expectations.  We do a lot of listening. We’re eager to hear about your history, people, culture, products, services, competition, challenges, and ambitions.  Then, we assemble a team of subject matter experts to provide experience & offer contextual depth. The result?  Simple, elegant, straightforward solutions that lead to better productivity.

JBS United is a global animal nutrition provider, specializing in swine, poultry, and recently, equine nutrition. For more than 50 years, the company has enjoyed a reputation for innovation, efficacy, and thought leadership in the global animal nutrition industry.

“I only have praise for Ann as a person and as a professional. I believe that this strategic architecture has been essential to accomplish. It is the key instrument to help our employees and customers understand what we are about and where we intend to venture.”
-JBS United founder and CEO John Swisher

JBS United

Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and computer products.

“Ann’s presentation on Lessons from Leaders taught attendees about proven formulas for success while relating stories about one-of-a-kind companies and individuals like Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Lance Armstrong, and Nelson Mandela. Attendees really liked that idea that there is a recipe they can use so that they can win more often at work.”
-Arrow Training & Development Manager, Michelle Zant

Arrow Electronics